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Thermo Niton XL2 – Thermo Niton XL2 XRF Analyzers

  • Thermo Niton XL2 – Thermo Niton XL2 XRF Analyzers


Harga : Rp660.000.000(Nego)
Tipe : Jual
Tanggal : 4 Agustus 2021
Kondisi : Baru
Garansi : Garansi
Lokasi : jalan H Kelik No.20 Kelapa Dua KEbon Jeruk Jakarta Barat

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Get fast, accurate metal alloy verification for manufacturing quality assurance with the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL2 Analyzer. Featuring a standard integrated camera for accurate positioning of the analysis area, the XL2 Analyzer provides immediate, nondestructive elemental analysis of alloy materials from titanium to nickel as well as tramp and trace element analysis. Lightweight, rugged handheld Niton XL2 Analyzers are well suited for a growing list of applications including scrap metal identification, mining and exploration, and lead screening for consumer and electronic goods.

Thermo Niton XL2 – Thermo Niton XL2 XRF Analyzers

With the value leading Niton XL2 XRF Analyzer, you don’t have to sacrifice performance to get a lightweight, rugged, handheld analyzer perfectly matched for most testing applications.

    Point and shoot simplicity- very easy to use even by nontechnical personnel.

    Rugged design for real-world industrial environments.

    Nondestructive analysis with near instantaneous results.

    Sealed against moisture and dust.

    Ergonomically designed.

    Daylight-readable icons.

    Standard analytical range of up to 30 elements from sulfur to uranium.

    Color, touch-screen display.

    Integrated camera


Standard Thermo Scientific™ Niton Data Transfer (NDT™) PC software suite allows you to set operator permissions, generate custom reports, print certificates of analysis, or remotely monitor, and operate the instrument hands-free from your PC.

Integrated USB and Bluetooth™ communications provide direct data transfer to your PC or networked storage device. Optional accessories include Bluetooth barcode reader, Bluetooth printer, and Bluetooth GPS.

Speksifikasi Thermo Niton XL2 XRF Analyzers

Applications Non-destructive elemental analysis of most metal alloys

Available Analytical Modes Varies by application:Alloy Modes: Metal Alloy, Electronics Alloy, Precious MetalsBulk Modes: Mining, SoilPlastic Modes: RoHS Plastics, Toy and Consumer Goods Plastics,TestAll™, Painted ProductsCustom Modes: Upon request (based on application feasibility)

Data Memory 64 MB internal system memory/128 MB internal user storage

Data Storage Internal >10,000 readings with spectra

Data Transfer USB, Bluetooth and RS-232 serial communication

Description Niton XL2 XRF Analyzer

Detector Type High-performance semiconductor

Display Type Fixed angle, color, touch-screen display

Item Description Niton XL2 XRF Analyzer

Height (English) 4 in.

Height (Metric) 100 mm

Length (English) 10.25 in.

Length (Metric) 256 mm

Width (English) 11 in.

Width (Metric) 275 mm

Optional Accessories Portable test stand; Stationary (bench-top) stand; Mobile test stand; Welding mask; Soil testing guard

Power Consumption 100µA

Security Features Password-protected user security

Standard Accessories Integrated camera; Locking shielded carrying case; Shielded belt holster; Two 6-cell lithium-ion battery packs; 110/220VAC battery charger/AC adaptor; PC connection cables (USB and RS-232); Thermo Scientific™ Niton Data Transfer (NDT™) PC software; Safety lanyard; Check samples/standards

Tube Type Ag anode 45 kV maximum, 80µA maximum

Weight (English) 3.0 lb., 5.8 oz.

Weight (Metric) 1.53 kg

Voltage 45 kV

System Electronics 400 MHz ARM 11 CPU, 300 MHz dedicated DSP, 80 MHz ASICS DSP for signal processing

Data Entry Touch-screen keyboard, user-programmable pick lists

Licensing Varies by region. Contact your local distributor.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 10.25 x 11 x 4 in. (256 x 275 x 100 mm)

Certifications/Compliance CE, RoHS

Detector Type : High-performance semiconductor

Tube Type : Ag anode 45 kV maximum, 80µA maximum 

Display Type : Fixed angle, color, touch-screen display

Unit Size : Each 


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Informasi Produk & Harga Hubungi :

Contact Person

Nama : A Tantan

Alamat : Jalan H.Kelik No.20 RT.03/RW.08 Kelapa Dua Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11550

Phone : 082112325856 / 082217294199

WhatsApp : 082217294199 / 082112325856

Telp & Fax : 021.22054159

Email : [email protected]

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