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shell water detector capsules sample Fuel aircraft

Rp1.999.900(Harga Pas)

  • shell water detector capsules sample Fuel aircraft
  • shell water detector capsules sample Fuel aircraft
  • shell water detector capsules sample Fuel aircraft


Harga : Rp1.999.900(Harga Pas)
Tipe : Jual
Tanggal : 2 Desember 2022
Kondisi : Baru
Lokasi : mgk.kemayoran

It’s the aviation industry’s test system of choice, employed over 8 million times a year around the world. Using a syringe fitted with a Shell Water Detector capsule, it only takes a matter of moments to check the fuel at any stage of your delivery system. And these capsules are probably the most cost-effective safety measure you’ll ever introduce.

Supplied In Boxes Each Box Containing 10 Tubes Of 8 Capsules, The Capsules Are Used To Determine The Presence Of Finely Dispersed Undissolved Water In Jet Fuel At Concentrations Lower Than Normally Detectable By Visual Examination.

Application of Use:

Road vehicle and RTW drain samples – before discharge into airport storage.

Hydrant dispenser filter drain samples – after each aircraft fuelling.

Bottom samples from airport tanks – immediately before release.

Fueller filter drain samples – after the first aircraft fuelling, after filling or topping up either Fueller or trailer.

Fueller and trailer compartment drain samples – after each replenishment.

Drain samples from filtration equipment on hydrant delivery and Refueller loading rack delivery.

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